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Got Questions?!

How do I make a booking? 

Once you have chosen a package, you need to contact me to find out if I am available for the specific date you have in mind. Just click on the button below, and fill out the form. 

How do I pay? 

If you are booking 30 days or more in advance, you can pay in two instalments. First, a 50% booking fee (which means that I save your chosen date/time just for you)! The second instalment needs to be paid (at the latest) 48 hours before your shoot. If your chosen date is less than 30 days from your booking date, or if you are making use of a promotion/special offer, full session fees need to be paid. Payment can be made by EFT using the following details:  Miss L. Love, Capitec Bank, N1 City Branch, (Savings) Account Number: 1622455124. Please use your name as a reference, and send a confirmation sms to the number I provide you with. 

What type of location do you use? 

The choice of location is completely up to you, but if you're not sure, then you are more than welcome to ask me for suggestions! I usually shoot on location at places like parks, forests, farms, at the beach, or even in the city (urban shoot)! Another fabulous choice would be doing a lifestyle family session at your home. These types of sessions are usually done in "storytelling style". Cake smash- & milestone sessions (for babies and toddlers) are done at my home studio. 


What happens if it's raining or cloudy? 

If it's a rainy day I am more than happy to reschedule! I tend to be aware of what the weather forecast is at all times, so I will contact you a few days in advance of your photoshoot if I think we may need to postpone. Sessions on cloudy days will go ahead as scheduled particularly if you have a sought-after weekend appointment, as these tend to get booked up many weeks in advance! You would be surprised at how beautifully soft the light is on overcast days, which can make for really gorgeous photographs. 


What about autumn and winter family photos? 

Autumn is perhaps my most popular time of year for family photos, with rich golden tones from the leaves on the trees and the sun low in the sky in the late afternoon. The light is soft and warm and is so flattering for skin tones. The added benefit is that even little children are still awake for the sunset, unlike in the summer months! Winter, with its frosty mornings and pale sunlight, is also lovely if you can brave the cold! I recommend wearing knitwear, layers, a furry gilet, and thermals underneath. Cute hats are optional! 


What happens if my child is ill? 

I work with children all the time, so I completely understand that when they feel unwell, they definitely won't feel like smiling for the camera! Just let me know ASAP, and we'll reschedule. 


What if my child won't sit still for even a second? 

Don't worry!  As all my clients will attest, I am extremely patient and will always come away with beautiful portraits of even the most rambunctious toddlers. It's funny how often parents will apologize for the way they perceive that their child has behaved, but in my experience, it's rare for a child to be interested in being photographed or "behave" for an hour, whatever that really means. As far as I'm concerned there is always ample time in a session to create lovely, genuine portraits. I am very used to dealing with tantrums, demands to go to the playground, or children running in the opposite direction! Whilst we're on the subject, I am also very used to dads not being especially keen to be photographed and I promise to make it as painless as possible! 


We prefer photos where we are not looking at the camera

I always aim to take a variety of posed and more natural unposed images of families interacting with one another. Please do let me know if you particularly prefer one over the other. The best advice I can give is to simply interact with your children with cuddles, tickles, games, collecting flowers, or anything else that springs to mind!  


Can we have the RAW or unedited files? 

I take huge pride in my work and will provide you with beautifully edited, finished photographs that look the very best they possibly can. For that reason, the RAW, unedited images are not available for purchase or otherwise. RAW, unedited images are not the finished product in the way I envision it to be, and they still have quite a ways to go before they are ready to be sent to you. My editing process is as much a part of my artistic skill as the way I take the photograph.  

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